Having had many years of experience in the production of casts from magnesium alloys, in 2003 we launched the production of magnesium anodes for cathodic protection against corrosion. The anodes can be used in various fields of technology.

Depending on their purpose, we produce anodes of active material weight from 0.05 to 22.7 kg. We specialize in the production of magnesium anodes for the protection of drinking water heaters and hot-water storage tanks against corrosion, but our offer also includes anodes for the protection of buried and immersed steel structures. The anodes are made from MgAl6Zn3 alloy in accordance with EN 12438:1998 and DIN 4753 T3 standards.

Assuring high quality of anodes is of extreme importance to us.

All the products undergo systematic quality control. The chemical composition of manufactured casts is controlled regularly with the optical emission spectrometer.